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The Epiphany Groups excels at transforming individuals and businesses into success stories across various organisations both public and private sectors including automotive, engineering, government, construction, sporting clubs, and entertainment and tourism among others. The Epiphany Group specialise in identifying and addressing the specific gaps within your organisation to help you achieve your business objectives. Our personalised services are tailored to each company, ensuring that the outcomes are uniquely suited to your needs.

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Case Studies

Business Connect Workshops

The Epiphany Group worked collaboratively with Sydney Hills Business Chamber in 2022-23, through the Business Connect program, to deliver workshops covering various aspects of entrepreneurship and business management. These workshops focused on critical areas such as marketing strategies, financial management, and the fundamentals of starting a business. 

The results/feedback of these workshop were:

  • Over the duration of 12 months, 98 people attended the workshops.
  • a significant portion of the participants were in the start-up phase of their businesses, with 72% of the attendees falling into this category. This indicates a strong representation of aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners seeking valuable insights and support to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with launching and establishing a business.
  • 85% of attendees engaged in advisory sessions. 
  • Participants praised the wide range of available advisors., acknowledging that the diverse pool of advisors effectively covered all essential aspects relevant to new and established business owners. This comprehensive support allowed entrepreneurs to receive tailored guidance based on their specific business needs and challenges.
  • 99% of participants stated that they would wholeheartedly recommend the program to others, showcasing the high level of satisfaction and confidence in the support and resources provided.

This Program effectively nurtured and empowered the growth of local businesses, contributing to the economic development and prosperity of the area. The council’s commitment to providing such valuable support, including referrals to address specific financial needs, has been well-received by the business community, further reinforcing the positive impact of these workshops and the advisory services offered.

Case study: Genevieve met Rob Langtry, TEG Business Advisor, via the workshop at the Hills Council, “Marketing Strategies, Building your Brand”. From that she booked in 2 Business Connect advisory sessions with Rob. The advisory conversations revolved around Genevieve discussing her business and marketing strategy. Rob suggested marketing tactics such as press releases, speaking to journalists, creating a content calendar, and using SMS blasts, also the importance of building customer relationships, together with creating collections, and emphasising branding, highlighting perceived value.

There was a focus on financial aspects, including calculating gross profit, determining direct costs, factoring in overhead, and setting limits for promotional allowance spending. 

Rob referred Genevieve to also talk with Julien Bertoli, TEG Business Advisor to cover a range of business-related topics, from marketing strategies and financial considerations to personal experiences and follow-up plans.

Julien commented: “When I reviewed the account, the cost per sale was averaging $120, making the business unprofitable. After we made the relevant modifications together, and after 3 sessions of testing, the cost per sale was reduced to $34 – a drop of 71% in cost per conversion, making the business profitable. Isla & May are now in a good position to scale their campaigns.” 

Emerging Leaders Program
  • The Epiphany Group worked with EWON to develop a specialised program tailored for their emerging leaders. This program placed a significant emphasis on cultivating trust, enhancing team communication, and fostering effective teamwork among their leaders. Collaborating with EWON’s Learning & Development advisor we developed a bespoke program with topics such as: 

    • Your personal effectiveness, covering time management, goal setting, self-awareness, and decision-making skills, 
    • Effective communication skills, covering active listening, clear and concise verbal and written communication, non-verbal communication, and conflict resolution,
    • Coaching people’s performance, 
    • Creating a high-performance culture,
    • Achieving results and Building Trust, topics covered include transparency, accountability, integrity, and consistent communication. 

Hannah Forde, Learning and Development Advisor at EWON provided the following testimonial: The program developed by The Epiphany Group for our leaders at EWON has been a transformative experience. The emphasis on cultivating trust, effective communication, and teamwork was precisely what our leaders needed. The program, tailored to our unique requirements, covered topics like personal effectiveness and building trust, among others, which have had a tangible impact on our leadership team. The Epiphany Group has proven its ability to design bespoke programs that address the specific challenges and goals of our organisation. Janine and her team’s unwavering dedication to delivering meaningful learning experiences for emerging leaders is commendable.

Strategy Workshop

In April 2024 we delivered a Strategy Workshop to Western Sydney Business Connection Board and Team. The aim of the workshop was for the Western Sydney Business Connection Board to walk away with a clear strategy and vision which are underpinned by a set of values that are consistent with the brand which will ensure alignment to business strategy.  

The Structure of the workshop included:

  1. Introduction to the Planning Workshop Process and Content 
  2. What Excellent and Leading Organisations Possess and Characteristics of Visionary Organisations 
  3. Reports: Performance and Current Situation 
  4. SWOT ANALYSIS – External Assessment / Internal Assessment / Synthesis and determining the overall organisational reality 
  5. Reviewing the VISION, MISSION and VALUES Statement 
  6. Determining Strategic Goals, Key Result Areas and Targets and how to achieve them Summary and Synthesis of the Strategic Planning Workshop

Outcomes of the Strategic Planning workshop were Western Sydney Business Connection we able to: 

  • Envision the company’s future over the next 3 to 5 years. 
  • Define their long-term goals. 
  • Assess their current environment, as well as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 
  • Develop strategies and tactics to address any identified problems. 
  • Assign timelines and responsibilities to turn your plan into reality. 
  • Reduce the risk of doing business based on better decisions and achieve their potential.

The Western Sydney Business Connection developed its own strategic plan based on the work done during the planning process that could include the following components: Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies. 


Testimonial from Rachael Collier, General Manger, Western Sydney Business Connection

Thanks The Epiphany Group and Janine Williams for facilitating such a productive day so we can re-align, recharge and remember that we exist to serve and represent our members. Exciting times ahead.

Respectful Workplace Behaviours Workshop

In March/April 2024 TEG have been delivering Respectful Workplace Behaviour workshops to TTW for 350 team members across Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne as a mix of face to face and online delivery, for 1 hour sessions with 18 groups. 

The aim of this training program was to develop core skills and understand the link to policies and responsibilities and the relationship to implementation of these and their responsibilities as team members, managers and Directors. 

In the training we referred to the organisations policies including their Anti Sexual Harassment policy, Anti discrimination, Bullying and Harassment policy, all relevant legislation, regulation and legal obligations, and how that is relevant to respectful workplace behaviour.  This training provided case studies in the workplace and in the industry that promoted professional communication among team members. All team members had an opportunity to demonstrate understanding of what they had learned through a knowledge and competency assessment. 

Feedback from TTW’s Respectful Workplace Behaviour Workshop:

The training was well-received, with participants expressing appreciation for the comprehensive, fast, direct and engaging approach to these critical topics. They found real-life scenarios (court cases) and interactive discussions particularly interesting and effective in understanding the impact of inappropriate behaviour and the importance of a respectful workplace culture.

Feedback highlighted the clarity and detail with which TTW company policies were explained. TTW employees felt reassured by the company’s commitment to creating a safe working environment and appreciated the guidance on reporting incidents and available support. Participants also requested a follow-up session or refresher course was suggested to ensure the continued prominence of these crucial messages among TTW’s workforce.

Participant comments:

  • Robert Tomanovski –Was good to get insight with some real life work examples of what is happening in the workplace with harassment
  • Nicholas Matthews – I found the program informative with clear presentation and examples from current real-life cases
  • Sophie Slade – It was good to get refreshed with policies and get an update on the changes
  • Tremayne Sinnetamby – It’s good to be aware of what constitute bullying, harassment and misconduct so one can identify if it happens to oneself or others and stop it. Also prevent you from accidentally doing it yourself.


Business Connect Program

TEG have been partnering with Service NSW to deliver advisory services and support to small businesses in Western Sydney as part of the Business Connect Program since 2022. This program provides eligible clients with access to business advisory services and events to help small businesses to start, run, adapt or grow their business. 

Since the commencement of the program we have delivered 3200 hours in business advisory, 32 local webinars, 21 expert webinars, 15 workshops for over 250 participants. 

Workshops and Webinar topics delivered include:

  • How to start a Business 
  • Writing a Marketing plan
  • Developing a Finance Plan 
  • Developing your Brand 
  • Developing a Sales and marketing plan
  • Mapping your customer experience
  • Writing a business plan

We also hold a monthly networking opportunity, PubConnect, where our small business owners connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  

Feedback on Business Advisors:

Sophia Tong 

    • This is a truly wonderful service – especially for a startup business like mine – expert advice is so invaluable, and it is startups that need it most, but it is hard to find and expensive. Thank you, NSW government for offering this amazing service.
    • I felt that Sophia went above and beyond answering all my questions, and also providing me with relevant advice on topics I had not yet thought about. On top of that she sent through an extensive email outlining everything we discussed. Very happy.
    • Sophia has provided me very useful information for preparing my tax return this year. Her services are excellent and professional.

Christine Day

  • I’m super grateful with this service, she really look my business with a microscope and help me to understand where the money is going, thank you for doing this services
  • A fantastic service and it has really helped propel me along my business journey. Many thanks!

Julien Bartoli

  • Julien is experienced, flexible, and very helpful. He knows his stuff and I’m not sure my business would survive without his coaching.
  • Julian is an expert. I am so grateful to have his advice.

Robert Langtry

  • My session was amazing with a very experienced advisor. I will recommend him to anyone.
  • This was exactly what I need and I want to say thanks to Robert for taking is time to talk to me today

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