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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is geared towards developing more strategic ways of thinking and having a clear approach to tasks associated with your particular type of business. By developing and enhancing key leadership skills, senior employees have the potential to perform better within their roles and become better mentors for their teams with the ability to achieve the most effective outcomes. The executive coaching services provided by The Epiphany Group can be customised and tailored to suit any type of organisation, regardless of size or industry. As the business specialist for businesses, The Epiphany Group is the ideal choice to enhance the skills of your employees and lead your business to ultimate success. 

Our Executive Coaching Services

The Epiphany Group provides a fully customised executive coaching service that is led by experienced business mentors. With a tailorable program, we can ensure that the coaching solution provided to senior leaders within your company is perfectly suited to helping your employees achieve the most successful outcomes. Our programs can be designed to suit groups or delivered individually, so no matter whether you are a titan of the corporate world or a small business in need of some extra direction, we can provide an executive business coach that will be right for you. Be it project-oriented training, business-to-business networking or general business coaching, our tried and tested executive coaching programs are the ideal solution for motivating your team to reach their goals.  

Why Choose Us for Your Executive Leadership Coaching

With years of experience in the business coaching space, The Epiphany Group has curated a team of specialists who are the ideal mentors to help lead your company or organisation into the future. Our executive and leadership coaching programs are designed to include frequent sessions that won’t eat into your workday but will be just long enough to maintain a continued focus on success. We have mastered coaching for executives that includes coaching for performance, leadership coaching and strategic direction, so no matter what kind of assistance you are seeking, we are able to confidently provide a coaching service that will be right for you.

Tailored Coaching for Executives

We understand that every business is different and this is why our coaching services are fully customisable to your needs. We can adapt our session timings, content and direction to specifically suit your company so you can maximise the output from the services provided. As a business, The Epiphany Group has orchestrated a collection of valuable business programs designed to benefit companies of all shapes and sizes, and the tailorable content means that you can acquire all the skills you are seeking from the services we provide. With a repetitive feedback loop that is maintained throughout the coaching process, we can be sure that we are delivering everything your organisation requires. 

Why undertake executive coaching?

A strong leader has sharp strategic skills, is a clear communicator, and has developed self-awareness. Once at a senior level, however, there can become a void of feedback and accountability to maintain that growth and development. The right guidance and honest feedback can help to push senior leaders to achieve their full potential. 

Developed by qualified executive coaches, this industry-benchmarked program is designed to fortify your skills, work with your strengths and focus on embedding discipline and structure while bringing balance and alignment personally and professionally.

The Benefits of Executive Business Coaching

Though there are many confident and successful leaders in the business world, we believe that an outside view can sometimes help to refocus on core strategic goals and help to create clear pathways to achievement, without the clutter of the day-to-day getting in the way. An executive business coach will provide a valid third-party opinion that comes from a place of expertise and experience that can help you side-step the unnecessary and maintain a clear focus on your vision and goals. The clarity and direction that executive coaching provides aim to enhance job performance while leading participants towards achieving the most successful outcomes. 

Transforming Leadership with Executive Coaching

One of the key elements of executive business coaching is identifying habits and behaviours that are not necessarily beneficial to achieving quality outcomes. Through strategic coaching platforms, the behaviours and triggers for these bad habits can be identified and removed to ensure more effective business relationships and successful personal growth. Our executive coaching services are ideal for any employee, from emerging leaders to general managers and everyone in between. Contact us today to discuss how coaching for executives can help propel your business to success.   

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Executive coaching providing clarity and direction

A lack of clarity on strategy or direction are some of the most common obstacles to great leadership. Without a clear plan, there’s no ability to measure progress or correct the course. As a result, leaders become buried in the execution – leaving no time for critical strategic thinking. This leads to an increase in mistakes and workload and tensions within the team.

Over 3+ months, your executives will engage in confidential coaching sessions where we will develop a personalised blueprint to help them grow as leaders. They will be introduced to new behaviours and align with the objectives, goals and culture of your business. They will also uncover any destructive behaviours and styles, along with their triggers, and work to remove them. As part of the program, we will regularly collect objective feedback from all stakeholders.

At the end of the program, your executives will become more strategic in their thinking and more present in their relationships. By addressing and removing negative behaviours, they can break down silos and better engage with their team. With their newfound self-awareness, your leaders will be focused on business results, not egos.

Program outline

Your executives will attend fortnightly coaching sessions to forge a trusting and supportive relationship. Each confidential, 90-minute session will challenge their belief systems, styles and behaviours that are hampering their potential. We will also work on imaging and reflection, as well as personal accountability and opportunities for development.

During the program you will:

    • Increase the time spent on strategic high value, high-priority activities

    • Grow your skillsets in areas of leadership and management

    • Develop behaviours that align with your company culture

    • Identify, isolate and remove destructive behaviours

    • Get regular, objective feedback from all stakeholders

    • Apply self-awareness and strategic thinking as drivers

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Flexible delivery options

Our programs are delivered in a range of different formats to suit your business and situation. With group public intakes or bespoke contextualised sessions for your business, our team will work with you to find the delivery method to help you get the most out of the sessions.

Contextualization can include ensuring certain topics key to your business are included, adding in new modules to cover specific areas and highlighting real-world examples relevant to the day-to-day experiences of your team.

Get in touch to see how we can tailor the program to your needs.

Testimonials & Clients

"I appreciate the straight-talking! They're pretty good at herding cats, and actually getting to the crux of the matter. Rather than stewing over issues, I've been helped to get on and deal with them, after writing down a plan of attack. Simple, but really good advice.
I can't say I've really mastered the last one yet, but there is a bit of progress! "

Robert Mackellar | Director | TTW


What Does an Executive Business Coach Do?

The core focus of an executive business coach is to help their participants to achieve their strategic goals. With years of experience, an expert business coach can guide their clients towards more direct and strategic approaches to business processes, resulting in improved leadership skills, enhanced goal achievement, and improved strategic thinking. 

How Long Does Executive Coaching Typically Last?

Executive coaching is designed to enhance core workplace skills. No matter what the focus of the coaching happens to be, the programs are non-invasive on a day-to-day basis with a recommended two sessions per week, which usually last 90 minutes each. The duration of our executive coaching services is set by you. Businesses can recruit an executive business coach to assist with achieving project-related goals for a specific timeframe or choose to engage in ongoing coaching services for continued performance.

Can Executive Coaching Improve Team Performance?

Teamwork is an invaluable asset in achieving goals, and executive coaching can be provided in a one-on-one environment or team setting. Businesses that choose to engage in coaching for executives in a team setting often find that improved team performance is a direct result of the program. Executive coaching aims to enhance leadership skills as well as encourage improved team performance so that every participant can see and feel the value of the program from start to finish. 

How to Get Started with Executive Coaching Services?

Contact The Epiphany Group for the best executive coaching in Australia. As a business that has experience and expertise at its very core, you can be sure that The Epiphany Group can successfully design and customise an executive leadership coaching program that will be a highly valued asset for your business. From your initial consultation to completed program delivery, our team will keep your most important goals in mind so that you can enjoy all the benefits that high-level executive coaching can offer.