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Strategic board advisory services

At The Epiphany Group, we believe that before a business can begin to plan out a path to growth it is vital that the leaders of the organisation understand and are bought into the strategic vision.

We work hand in hand with business ownership and leadership teams to create a cohesive vision and strategy for businesses. This can then set the tone for the future direction of the organisation helping with gaining alignment, buy in and consensus from all involved as to the required tactical inputs of a growth focused business plan.

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Board advisory

Having an external perspective on a board can help ensure a clear focus on growth and strategy avoiding getting too caught up in the weeds and day-to-day operation of the business.

Our strategic advisors have a wealth of experience sitting on boards across a range of industries and verticals to help drive forward strategic thinking, accountability to the plans put in place and support to deliver on those plans.

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Alignment Workshop

Team alignment and communication breakdowns are common culprits that halt your business progress. This workshop aims to uncover these issues and tackle them head-on.

To do this, we bring your key business stakeholders together to assess current operational and strategic challenges across the entire business – from marketing, sales and delivery, to operations, finance and HR.

Once all red flags and blockages have been identified, we help your team transition to a solutions mindset. The end result is a more cohesive team structure with clearer communication channels.

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