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Expert Board and Business Advisory Services for Strategic Growth

There comes a time in every business where objective advice can be beneficial for the future growth and success of a company. Our business advice and board advisory services allow senior management and owners to step away from the day-to-day, helping key people in your organisation to see potential clearly. With the assistance of expert facilitators, our team can help your business to succeed.

The Epiphany Group specialises in helping businesses move forward and achieve growth. With expert advisors and years of experience across many industries and platforms, we believe that our quality programs and business services can help your organisation achieve strategic success.

Navigate Your Business Challenges with Our Advisory Board Service

An advisory board service involves the placement of a professional on your board to operate as an objective third party. With years of experience in board leadership within your field of business expertise, this person will be able to help keep company goals in focus and assist with the development of comprehensive strategic planning based on business best practices.

With the placement of an objective and unbiased professional with years of experience in strategic thinking, your board will be able to handle difficult decisions that are crucial to the success of the company. Board member placement is the heart of The Epiphany Group’s board advisory service, of which the aim is to assist the company in achieving goals and greater success.

Comprehensive Business Advisory Services for All Sectors

Though some may believe that business is business, the team at The Epiphany Group understands that every business is different. What may work well in the manufacturing industry will not necessarily have the desired outcome in a service business. Our business advisory service is firmly rooted in the need for sound knowledge and understanding of your specific business sector, with seasoned experts available to provide specialised business advice for every field.

Much like our range of coaching services, our comprehensive business advisory service is completely adaptable to suit your unique business needs. Our goal at The Epiphany Group is to help you to reach yours. Whether you are looking at the next stage of growth for your company or opening your doors for the very first time, our expert advisory team is ready to be your partner, helping you to go all the way.

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Transform Your Business Strategy with Expert Advisory

Our aim is to help transform your business for the better and help your organisation achieve success at the highest possible level. With a solid strategy in place, almost any business has every chance at success. Our board and business advisory services always begin with a thorough examination of your existing goals and achievements to date, as understanding where your business has come from is an important factor in helping to decide where it will go in the future.

If you feel that members of your board are beginning to stagnate and are struggling to find the next steps, this is where our board advisory service can help with a fresh perspective. If you are finding the day-to-day management for your sole trader operation too much to handle, then small business coaching may be the better option for you. All of this will be discovered in our initial needs assessment of your unique business position, before recommending the business services that will have the most positive impact.

Strategic board advisory services

At The Epiphany Group, we believe that before a business can begin to plan out a path to growth it is vital that the leaders of the organisation understand and are bought into the strategic vision.

We work hand in hand with business ownership and leadership teams to create a cohesive vision and strategy for businesses. This can then set the tone for the future direction of the organisation helping with gaining alignment, buy in and consensus from all involved as to the required tactical inputs of a growth focused business plan.

Board advisory

Having an external perspective on a board can help ensure a clear focus on growth and strategy avoiding getting too caught up in the weeds and day-to-day operation of the business.

Our strategic advisors have a wealth of experience sitting on boards across a range of industries and verticals to help drive forward strategic thinking, accountability to the plans put in place and support to deliver on those plans.

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Alignment Workshop

Team alignment and communication breakdowns are common culprits that halt your business progress. This workshop aims to uncover these issues and tackle them head-on.

To do this, we bring your key business stakeholders together to assess current operational and strategic challenges across the entire business – from marketing, sales and delivery, to operations, finance and HR.

Once all red flags and blockages have been identified, we help your team transition to a solutions mindset. The end result is a more cohesive team structure with clearer communication channels.

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Customised Solutions Through Our Board Advisory Services

Every business advisory service we offer comes from a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. An advisory board service can only operate effectively if the key participants understand every aspect of the business to facilitate the most efficient decision-making. Though some boards may only require some gentle guidance in the right direction, others may need a complete shake-up to retarget their strategic thinking to achieve success.

The benefit of working with a comprehensive board advisory service like The Epiphany Group is the range of additional services that can be provided to enhance the business in question. Our alignment workshops are a fantastic tool for getting board members back on the same page, and there are a host of other programs that businesses and organisations can utilise to ensure that the operation and all its members are performing at the highest efficiency level. These programs include:

General Manager Program

Emerging Leaders Program

Performance Coaching

Executive Coaching

Business Connect Workshops

Contact our experienced team today to discuss how our board and business advisory services can benefit your organisation. Comprehensive advisory services and strategic thinking are only a phone call away, so you can set your business apart from all the rest.


How Can Our Business Advisory Services Propel Your Business Forward?

A business advisory service is designed to help senior leaders, management and owners of businesses to become more objective. The effective removal of these key people from the monotony of the everyday, allows them to open up to new possibilities and begin to think more strategically on behalf of the business. Emotions can cloud judgement in many business situations, which is why bringing in an objective third party as a business advisor can be a successful way to help your organisation achieve its full potential.

What Sets Our Advisory Board Services Apart?

The willingness of the experts from The Epiphany Group to become specialists in your field before offering a board advisory service is what makes us one of the best partners you can have in business. Comprehensive research, strategic thinking and dedicated analysis all set us apart from other businesses of our kind, and the flexible way in which we work allows our board advisors to thrive in almost any situation. At The Epiphany Group, it is our dedicated aim for your business to succeed no matter what field or industry you work in, and our commitment to this achievement is why there is no better choice.