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HR services designed to support your business through the entire lifecycle of your employees

Human resources can be both time-consuming and complicated. Our HR solutions are a cost-effective way to keep you across changing HR laws and mitigate HR risks whilst maintaining employee engagement.

Whether you are wanting to ensure compliance, seeking to support components of the employee lifecycle, or would like to completely outsource your HR program, we have a solution for your business. We also provide the ability to scale our support to service your changing business needs.

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Standing out in the employment market is becoming more and more challenging for businesses. Candidates are gaining increased visibility on options and opportunities and market factors are rebalancing the scales to give more power to candidates.

So how then do you make your organisation an employer of choice to enable you to attract the talent required to drive your continued growth and success?

Our team has the experience for you to tap into to help define what your employer brand is, how you articulate your employee value proposition, and gain visibility in market.

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Recruitment can be a long and daunting prospect. The people we hire represent our organisation so making the right selection is key.

Our recruiters have the experience and expertise to help you find the diamonds in the rough, check capabilities against job role requirements and ultimately get the right people into the right positions to drive your business forward.


Making a great first impression is key to long and fruitful engagements with employees. Helping to fast track new starters into high performers who understand your organisation, your offering and your approach to working with customers are all outcomes of a robust onboarding process.

From inductions to culture and values training we work with businesses to define how people should be onboarded, what the key information, systems, process and cultural factors they need to know are and then build out the required processes and collateral to make it happen.


Creating that great first impression is all well and good but a business also needs to empower employees and set them up for success within the organisation. By setting and managing expectations early on in the process people know where they stand and where they need to get to.

Our team can help outline Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), probationary review processes, skills matrices, and roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Many businesses are quick to say that their greatest asset is their people but often don’t match that up with investment in their growth and development.

The Epiphany Group has a range of services that span the entire career of employees from technical training for junior staff, to emerging leaders right up to senior leaders.

Beyond just the training programs there are also key work-streams that need to be implemented in an organisation such as ongoing performance review guidelines, gap analysis, succession planning, progression pathways, and reward and recognition.

The Epiphany Group partner with numerous organsations to support them by providing not only the environment for growth for their people but also facilitating the systems and processes that enable that development.


Replacing an employee can be as much as four times the cost of retaining a high performer. Rising churn across most sectors in Australia, and increased employee mobility make holding on to your top talent more critical than ever.

The Epiphany Group work with businesses to build HR dashboards, processes and reporting to help spot early warning signs of churn and fix issues before they arise as well as working with leaders to help them build better relationships with team members, invest in people’s development and coaching.


Separation is an unfortunate but inevitable part of the employee lifecycle. However having proper systems in place can help make this process as painless as possible, help the organisation learn, and maintain good relationships with talent and a strong reputation in market.

“Established in March 2004 by a team of experts from Sydney's western suburbs, Azzurri Concrete has a proven track record of success in the concrete construction industry. The Epiphany Group has been our steadfast partner in recruitment and human resource services, consistently placing successful applicants across a range of technical and executive level roles. From Accounts Payable positions to our present Chief Financial Officer, The Epiphany Group’s contributions have been invaluable to the company.

The Epiphany Group and Azzurri Concrete have built a strong working partnership based on mutual trust and our collaborative efforts to quickly fill vacant roles with outstanding candidates who excel in their respective positions and completely connect with business values.”.

Mario D'Angola | Co.Founder