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Aligning for Success: Our Alignment Workshop

Corporate alignment is often something that falls by the wayside in a busy business, but it is crucial for the success of most businesses that all senior team members are working toward common goals. An alignment workshop with The Epiphany Group will help your senior team work together for the greater success of your organisation.

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What is an Alignment Workshop?

If your team has fallen out of sync on strategic goals or issues within the workplace, the organisation needs to get everyone back on track. A business alignment workshop is designed to do just that. By bringing your senior leaders together in the same room, our experienced and professional team will work with them to address issues of internal communication, review current and future outlooks, complete valuable SWOT analyses and more, leaving them all focused on the same important factors within the business.

Defining Alignment in Your Organisation

One of the key things to remember when it comes to corporate alignment is that it can mean something different in every business. How your team aligns in a family-owned and operated business may be completely different to how successful alignment looks in an international corporation. To ensure that your strategic alignment workshop has the most effective results for your team and your organisation, it is important to first understand what that alignment should look like.

Workshop Overview

After concluding what alignment would be within your company, you then need to address how the workshop itself will operate for the most successful outcomes. Our team will work with top-level management within your organisation to ensure that your specific needs and requirements will be met throughout your alignment workshop.

Coaching feedback

Objectives and Outcomes

In an initial discussion, our team will meet with you to define the objectives and expected outcomes from an alignment workshop. Leadership objectives may differ from one company to the next, so for the workshop to be as successful as possible, our team at The Epiphany Group will work with you to understand exactly what you hope to gain as an organisation from the workshop first and then tailor the workshop to ensure that these objectives are competently met.

Workshop Modules and Activities

Though the approach may vary for different organisations, the key modules for a leadership alignment workshop will generally remain the same. The 5 key modules in The Epiphany Group’s alignment workshop are:

  • Defining purpose, vision, and values for the team
  • Completing a SWOT and leadership analysis
  • Reviewing the current vs. future outlooks
  • Developing successful strategies for business improvement
  • Mapping out a game plan for future analysis to take place

Benefits of Attending Our Alignment Workshop

Like all the programs offered by The Epiphany Group, our alignment workshops are tailored to suit your business. Your team will experience the benefit of a stronger working relationship after completing a strategic alignment workshop where they can freely focus on the goals and objectives of your organisation as a functional unit.

Improved Organisational Synergy

Nothing can replace the value of a team working together like a well-oiled machine and this is what an alignment workshop can deliver. It is a judgement-free forum where issues can be raised and addressed, roadblocks can be demolished, and everyone can get on the same page when it comes to the overall success of your organisation. Your in-house processes can become seamless, and you will recognise the difference that organisational synergy can bring to a team.

Enhanced Team Performance

True teamwork is an invaluable asset to any organisation. By bringing your leadership team together as a group, you have the opportunity to strengthen bonds and enhance commitment to your organisational goals. With detailed analysis conducted together, a leadership alignment workshop will be able to identify previous breakdowns in teamwork and help the leaders of your organisation to build that teamwork back up which will be beneficial to all.

Strategic Consensus and Clarity

Clear focus and vision are vital to the achievement of strategic goals and objectives. Once your senior team has had the chance to come together to identify common goals, it is much more likely that even smaller decisions within your organisation will be made with these goals at top-of-mind.

Whether you are seeking success through an alignment workshop, business coaching, corporate board advisory services or expert business advice, The Epiphany Group is your number-one choice for expert business services. Contact us today to discover how our team can help your business reach the next stage of success.


Who should attend the Alignment Workshop?

Our alignment workshops are designed to be attended by all senior members of your team to ensure that everyone is working towards a set of common goals. Each workshop has a strong focus on internal communication and can help your management team to get on the same level when it comes to affecting strategic company goals.

What can my team expect to take away from the workshop?

After participating in an alignment workshop, your team should have a clear vision of your corporate strategic goals and the tools to be able to define the purpose, vision and values within their teams. The workshop should help all team members to be able to identify current roadblocks as well as future potential issues that will restrict their success within their role in addition to the overall success of the organisation. A leadership alignment workshop is designed to ensure that senior members of staff can successfully map out and execute important management functions.



How is the Alignment Workshop tailored to different industries?

The beauty of an alignment workshop with The Epiphany Group is that it can be tailored to suit almost any business. The needs and requirements for alignment within a senior management team can differ from industry to industry, which is why our workshops are fully customisable, ensuring that your business can gain the most positive outcomes. The tailoring of our workshops takes place with you involved. Using your company insight, we work to ensure the workshop is designed and delivered in the way that will be best received by your team.