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Unveiling the General Manager Program: A Pathway to Leadership Excellence

For new General Managers or those aspiring to a general management position, the General Manager training programs available at The Epiphany Group will provide you with the skills and the knowledge required to take the reins confidently and successfully. The Epiphany Group offers one of the best general manager training programs in Australia to elevate yourself to the next level of corporate leadership and aims to provide you with the pathways to become the best in your business.

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders with the General Manager Program

We believe that the best general managers come from within. With adequate industry knowledge and a thirst for success, climbing the ranks to a General Manager position is something that can be achieved with the assistance of our general management training programs. For businesses and individuals alike, we believe that a quality General Manager is nurtured with a broad training regime and real-world experience in perfecting the skills that can be acquired with The Epiphany Group.

Comprehensive Training for Aspiring General Managers

If general management is your professional goal, The Epiphany Group can assist you every step of the way. Our General Manager training program has a solid focus on strategy and out-of-the-box thinking that will set you apart from other candidates in the industry, making you the prime choice to step up to the next level of your career. For companies that wish to provide internal progression opportunities for their employees, working with The Epiphany Group is an ideal way to ensure that employees make the successful transition to senior leadership through quality coaching, team management and strategic skills learned throughout the course of our general management training programs

Continued learning for Senior Leaders

Are you the next Executive?

Intended for ambitious Executives who prioritise professional development, our General Manager Program is designed to elevate your leadership skills and to drive commercial performance and growth.

This program will enhance your management credentials, and refine your business skills. It will give you the confidence vital to respond to current challenges and prepare for future ones.

The General Manager Program is an extension of your current executive-level skillset. We are passionate about re-engaging you with your career aspirations and goal while motivating, inspiring and helping you to broaden your perspectives and leadership designs.

If you are looking to be a market leader, drive business growth and set yourself and your business apart from the rest, then this is the program for you.

Ready to be the next success story?

Training for General Managers and Business Leaders

This program is designed to take you through the full scope of what it takes to run a business. The General Manager Program covers the fundamentals of driving performance for a business, marketing, sales, people and culture, and finances.


Upon completion of the course, you will be a complete business leader. You will have obtained the foundations in the broad skillset required to run a business. You will have gained comfort and knowledge surrounding how to handle the common challenges faced by a business leader.

Key Components of Our General Manager Program

To help you become a well-rounded general manager and leader in your business we have designed a range of modules to cover during the program. These modules take you through the entire suite of skills needed to understand how to build performance and manage a business, to get the best out of your people and processes.

Six key modules make up the core foundation of our General Manager training program for emerging leaders.

Module 1: Theory of Management

Delve deep into the fundamental role of a leader in today’s ever-changing environment. Understand who you are as a leader and what additional skills and commercial knowledge you need to maximise business growth.

In the first module, future leaders will address the key principles of general management and understand the skills and knowledge required to perform the role.  

Module 2: Developing Business Performance

Create the foundation required to drive business performance. Become familiar with the success principles of strategic planning, that will enable you to drive change and transformation.

Working predominantly on strategic planning, this module will provide you with the foundation required to drive business performance.

Module 3: Customer Experience Excellence

Learn the importance of integrated sales and marketing efforts, plus the key drivers for a successful brand. Gain understanding of marketing and communications strategy, including the digital space to set your business apart.

With a solid understanding of marketing and communications strategy, future leaders can excel in the field of integrated sales and marketing to drive a successful brand.

Module 4: People and Process

Explore people management techniques that will help your organisation meet goals and strategic objectives. Learn the key elements of project management and putting the right processes in place to ensure the success of your team.

Strong people skills are key to successful management and the integrated success of a team. This module is designed to help participants develop the skills associated with due process and important people management techniques.

Module 5: People and Culture

Learn how to inspire, mentor and coach your team. From attraction and recruitment to retention and separation, the right people management strategy is crucial to the success of businesses of all sizes.

Develop the know-how to inspire your team through coaching, mentoring and people management to ensure improved staff retention and employee satisfaction.

Module 6: Finance Management

The success or failure of every business lies in the fundamentals of its financial performance. In this General Manager Program you will become competent in the key accounting and corporate finance strategies needed to identify and mitigate commercial risk.

Become competent in key accounting processes to understand the inner workings of financial performance in business and learn how to mitigate financial risk.

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Transforming Management Skills into Leadership Strategies

Through our General Manager training programs, The Epiphany Group aims to transform aspiring leaders into competent senior employees. We believe in creating a solid foundation of knowledge that can propel potential managers into their dream positions with the confidence and know-how that will allow them to succeed professionally while creating an environment of empowerment and employee satisfaction. We take the skills that trainees come with and work to enhance them to a senior leadership level which is what makes The Epiphany Group one of the best providers of General Manager training programs in Australia.

Advanced Techniques and Insights in the General Manager Program

Through the application of advanced techniques delivered as part of our General Manager training programs, we believe that our team is helping to create the leaders of the future. Contact The Epiphany Group to discuss the broad range of management programs on offer and see how we can help propel the next generation of senior leaders through our General Manager training programs.

Flexible delivery options

Our programs are delivered in a range of different formats to suit your business and situation. We offer public group intakes or bespoke sessions for your business, where our team will work with you to find the delivery method to help you get the most out of the sessions.

Contextualisation can include ensuring certain topics key to your business are included, by adding in new modules to cover specific areas and highlighting real-world examples relevant to the day-to-day experiences of your team.

Get in touch to see how we can tailor the program to your needs.


What are the primary objectives of the General Manager Program?

The primary objectives of our General Manager training programs are to prepare and train the leaders of the future for the responsibility of a general management role and to provide the skills required to undertake this role successfully for the benefit of the team and the company. 

Who is the ideal candidate for the General Manager Program?

Any employee who shows promise in leadership is an ideal candidate for a General Manager training program. The foundation of skills that each person has is identified and built upon throughout the duration of this course, leaving them with a sound set of professional skills that will enhance their chances of corporate success within a management position. 

How does the General Manager Program differ from other management courses?

The Epiphany Group is flexible in the delivery of its general management training programs. Each program is adapted to the needs of the company and the participants to ensure that each participant gains the most possible benefit from the course. Varied timings and course structures make this one of the best ways to help your emerging leaders become the best they can be. 

Can participants implement learnings from the General Manager Program in real time?

When a General Manager training program is conducted in the workplace, participants have the opportunity to practice the skills learned throughout the course in real time within their regular employment. The Epiphany Group can work with individual organisations to ensure that ample opportunities are provided for trainees to implement the skills acquired in a real-world environment, thus helping to cement the core foundations of general management through practice and experience.

What support and resources are provided during the General Manager Program?

Our General Manager training programs are conducted by industry professionals with many years of experience in the field of senior leadership. A full set of training materials are provided as part of the course with additional coaching and mentoring available for those who require it. The Epiphany Group is committed to the training of emerging leaders in a corporate environment, ensuring that every participant has the means and support required to successfully complete the training.

“With over 25 years in the industry and as someone who has attended numerous management training courses throughout my career, I can confidently say that the GM program by The Epiphany Group I recently attended was ahead of its time. The course provided a comprehensive overview of modern management practices, from effective communication to strategic planning, and everything in between.

Their instructor’s extensive experience in the industry gave them a unique perspective that they shared with the participants, providing valuable insights and practical tips. They were approachable and always willing to answer questions and provide guidance. But what really set this course apart was its emphasis on innovation an adaptability. Rather than simply teaching us how to manage in the present, the course encouraged us to think creatively and anticipate future challenges.

I left the training feeling inspired and equipped to tackle whatever may come my way. I would highly recommend this course to any GM looking
to take their skills and business to the next level.”

Jean Marc | General Manager