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Continuing development for team leaders across your business

If you have strong coaching skills, the chances are you are much more likely to help your team reach their full potential. A sports team can be transformed with the right coach, the same goes for the workplace. With the correct coaching practices in place, you could take your team’s success through the roof. 

This course will develop your communication skills and enable you to turn any ordinary conversation into a coaching interaction, developing your emotional intelligence to align with those around you and their needs in order to enhance performance.

Coaching feedback

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Providing the foundation for your managers to create high-performing teams

This two-day workshop develops your team’s coaching skills at the core and put them into immediate practice. They will learn to apply coaching techniques to enhance team performance and constructively challenge their peers.

At the end of the program your staff will:

    • Immediately convert theory to practice with real coaching experiences

    • Increase their confidence in coaching underperforming employees

    • Receive constructive feedback on their coaching style and ability

The workshops converts the theory of coaching into practical in-class opportunities. Managers will develop their ability to coach and challenge people.

Program outline

The structure of the program includes a selection of pre-work for each participant to come to the session with to ensure the sessions are as productive as possible. The sessions themselves are designed to encompass as much practical work as possible to help the participants put the theory into practice. There are then two in-person sessions:

    •  Coaching
        • Focussed on how to coach team members including various theoretical models and practice of how to encourage high performance
    • Challenging
        • Equally important to coaching conversations are challenging ones. This module goes through how to approach difficult conversations, models to be best prepared, and practical exercises to build comfort levels.

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Flexible delivery options

Our programs are delivered in a range of different formats to suit your business and situation. With group public intakes or bespoke contextualised sessions for your business, our team will work with you to find the delivery method to help you get the most out of the sessions.

Contextualization can include ensuring certain topics key to your business are included, adding in new modules to cover specific areas and highlighting real-world examples relevant to the day-to-day experiences of your team.

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