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Building brands that resonate with your customers

A strong and recognisable brand with a clear message for consumers is key to gaining cut-through in competitive markets.

Our team of marketing experts will help you position your business to succeed and build meaningful, long term connections with customers.

We have helped businesses define their brands, go through full rebranding projects, and define their tone of voice.

Enhance Your Brand Identity with Our Brand Marketing Services

Branding is an important part of any successful marketing strategy. With the right brand message, a business can become easily recognisable in the eyes of its target audience and achieve the ultimate goal of top-of-mind awareness, leading to an increase in sales and profits. At The Epiphany Group, we have a team of expert brand marketing strategists who can assist your business with all aspects of a successful brand marketing program, from creation and design to delivery and execution.

A business’ brand identity describes who and what they are both subtly and outwardly, and the right identity will make your potential customers feel confident to do business with you. Brand development marketing is something that should be a top priority for every business regardless of industry, business size, marketing goals or corporate direction. With the right branding, you are affording your organisation its best chance at success.

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Unleash Potential with Strategic Brand Development Marketing

Though the corporate marketing world is constantly growing, changing and adapting to new trends, some elements will always remain the same. Strategic direction in marketing is vital to ensure that your core message remains on point and at the forefront of your target audience’s mind. With a team of expert strategists, The Epiphany Group can ensure that our brand marketing services tie perfectly into larger strategic plans and monitor all feedback to adjust your marketing efforts whenever required.

Brand marketing is a cut above traditional marketing services that focuses on the wider perception of your business. With the customer’s opinion in mind, a brand marketing program will help your business stand out above the rest and inspire confidence from your consumers. Brand marketing can easily tie in with your existing marketing goals and strategies to enhance your market share and unleash more potential than ever before.


Through detailed internal stakeholder interviews, customer surveys and competitor & industry research we help identify and map out the current state compared to the desired state. We then create a roadmap of the journey, this helps inform brand strategies that drive connections with your customers for long term success.

Market Research

In the preliminary stages of brand development marketing, we ensure that our team has a thorough understanding of how your product or service is positioned within your target market.

Customer Analysis

The most successful branding strategies are developed with a clear vision of what the target audience wants. Our team conducts in-depth analyses to ensure your brand delivers what your customers need.

Competitor Analysis

With a clear understanding of your key competitors in the market, our expert team can build your brand marketing strategy to be as effective as it can be.


Once we understand the lay of the land we can start to map out possible solutions to overcome brand challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Working with you we will define possible brand identities across messaging, visual identity, content and values. Giving us a clear, consistent brand across all touch points with consumers.

Brand Identity

It is during the ideation phase that our team will identify your brand identity. With this firmly established, we then move on to the next part of the program.


Mapping the customer experience across the lifecycle of their interaction with your business is key to building an initial connection with consumers and fostering that into loyalty. We will help you map out that customer experience and design the journey from prospective client, to brand advocate.

Experience Design

This phase of your brand marketing program is where we create the experience your customers will have when they interact with your brand. With a clear and concise experience design, we can guide your customers to foster the feelings and emotions we are targeting.

Content Strategy

When designing a content strategy as part of a larger brand marketing strategy, we will ensure that all communications from our organisation remain consistent and on-point, leading towards your strategic marketing goals.


Having defined your brand and experience our in-house design team will support you with the rollout of your brand across all assets from digital imagery to stationary. This will help bring consistency and a premium look and feel to your business to match the strategy and overall approach to your businesses brand.

Corporate Design

Our creative team will ensure that the look and feel of your brand identity is replicated throughout every touch point your customers will experience.

Content Production

With the imagery in place, we will then ensure that the words behind your brand speak perfectly in alignment with the imagery we have created.

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Personalised Coaching for Your Brand Marketing Strategy

Marketing is nothing without consistency, and employing a team of experts to create your brand marketing programs is pointless unless the outcome is maintained in the long term.

As part of The Epiphany Group’s wider collection of programs, coaching for small businesses and group coaching are aspects that can be valuable in ensuring that your brand remains consistent. Though our standard coaching programs usually include a marketing aspect, all our program outlines are completely flexible, ensuring that you and your team receive the specific guidance you need to achieve your unique business goals.

With an expert coach, your brand marketing strategy will remain on point for the most successful outcomes. This personalised coaching will ensure that every member of your company, from emerging leaders to general managers, is aware of and fully understands your brand identity. Expert brand identity coaching will keep your team working together to provide a consistent brand message for your business.

Building Success Through Comprehensive Brand Marketing Programs

For the best brand development marketing services in the business, look no further than The Epiphany Group. With years of experience in all aspects of corporate service and marketing, from brand creation to performance coaching to Business Connect services, there is no better choice to help you develop a successful brand marketing program for your business.

The Epiphany Group has all the skills required to help you enhance your business identity in the marketplace in a measured and strategic way. Contact us today to discuss how our brand marketing services can be beneficial to your business.


What Are Brand Marketing Services and How Can They Benefit You?

Brand marketing is a strategic approach to building a reputation for your business that will resonate with your target audience. The brand marketing programs available from The Epiphany Group take into account all current aspects of your business combined with your corporate goals for the future to create a brand identity that will enhance your company image and result in top-of-mind awareness and future success in sales.

How Does Our Brand Development Marketing Shape Your Business?

A brand identity gives your business a voice. With pictorial design and content structuring services, your business can take on a personality of its own, that is orchestrated to attract the attention and confidence of your target audience. Brand development marketing shapes your business by humanising the impact that your business has on your customers, leading to improved awareness and, ultimately, higher sales and increased profits.