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Comprehensive Board Advisory Services

The board of any organisation is often tasked with making difficult decisions in business. This is why having an experienced board filled with dedicated and experienced professionals in your field of expertise is crucial to affect successful strategic decision-making. Advisory board consulting services from The Epiphany Group ensure that the right person for the job is in place to provide unbiased advice on important issues from a place of experience and professionalism.

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Our Approach to Board Advisory

A quality board advisory service can be vital in ensuring that an organisation is headed in the right direction and making step-by-step decisions that are working towards greater and more successful outcomes. It is with this understanding that The Epiphany Group pairs experienced and unbiased board advisors with compatible organisations to ensure that the outcomes are every bit as successful as any organisation could hope for. A corporate advisory board can present both problems and solutions from a different perspective which can, in turn, result in greater success in the long run. The top priority for The Epiphany Group with every client the team encounters is ensuring that their advisory board services provide the right people for the job.

Strategic Planning and Analysis

One of the key outcomes of a corporate advisory board is to ensure that the organisation has strategic planning in place to ensure successful goal achievement on a company-wide level. Every small decision made within an organisation feeds into the larger goals being achieved, and it is important that there is an underlying strategy that drives each and every decision that is made. The most successful strategies for companies and non-profit organisations are always derived from quality research and analysis. The Epiphany Group can assist with a range of analytical services to help with the development of successful and correctly targeted strategies.

Quality Research

Quality Analysis

Key Areas of Expertise

The Epiphany Group is driven by the success of your business. Whether that is through the provision of quality business advice, the delivery of corporate workshops or the availability of quality business coaching, there are multiple ways that The Epiphany Group can help to ensure the success of your business. Our advisory board service and board governance consulting are highly regarded in business circles regardless of industry or business size. Each of our business programs can be adapted to meet the needs of any individual business specifically and we pride ourselves on the delivery of successful outcomes for a wide range of organisations.

Governance and Compliance

Ensuring corporate governance is an important part of doing business anywhere in the world. Our years of experience across multiple industries make our corporate governance advice something that many organisations seek out. With the pairing of experienced industry professionals with organisations within their personal field of expertise, we can ensure that our board governance consulting services are on point, every time. 

Risk Management and Mitigation

In order to be effective in strategic planning it is important the you understand the risks that surround the work you do and understood clearly by all levels of management. Insurance and liability are vital parts of any business as they ensure the coverage and safety of your employees and customers alike. Our advisory board service will ensure that your organisation has thoroughly identified all risks and has the correct mitigation plans and procedures in place.

Why Choose The Epiphany Group

The Epiphany Group offers years of combined experience from expert advisors with customised solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are dedicated to the success of your business and offer a range of services and programs that are all geared towards the ultimate success of your organisation.

Experienced Advisors

Years of combined specialist experience across a range of corporate and non-profit industries is what makes The Epiphany Group one of the most well-respected companies in its field.

Customised Solutions

We pride ourselves on working with all types of business clients, regardless of size or industry. For this reason, we understand that standardised solutions are not always the right fit for every business. Each of our services is fully customisable to suit your organisation.

Long-Term Partnership Focus

The Epiphany Group believes in providing long-term support for ultimately successful businesses. This focus on long-term partnerships is what makes our organisation stand out from the rest, as our team is dedicated to ensuring your business success well into the future.

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What is the role of a board advisor?

A board advisor is a member of a corporate board who can offer unbiased advice to assist the organisation in making strategic and successful decisions. A board advisor will have expertise specific to the company’s area of work and can have a significant positive impact on that organisation’s decision-making. As a board advisor, this member of the team will go to great lengths to ensure that their understanding of the business itself and the decisions at hand are impeccable and based on solid research and successful examples from related industries.

How can The Epiphany Group improve our board's effectiveness?

An advisory board service like that offered by The Epiphany Group offers the chance for a company to attract members of their board who are unrelated to any other aspect of the business and, therefore, are completely unbiased in their advice and contributions to important business decisions. With years of experience in quality board advisory services, The Epiphany Group can ensure that the right board members are matched with the right businesses for the most successful outcomes.


What industries does The Epiphany Group serve?

The Epiphany Group serves businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors in the delivery of quality strategic planning, executive management and advisory board services. There is no business too large or small that will not benefit from the professional and experienced services available from The Epiphany Group.